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Bhagavan Das Live Kirtan CD - Harbin Kirtan

Bhagavan Das Harbin Kirtan Cover Photo

Bhagavan Das - Harbin Kirtan

Thank you for your support! After having created 1000 of these CDs to send out into the world, there are only 2 left. This colloctor's edition price reflects that. Jai Ma!


Also view: Kailash Kirtan, Kumari Puja

Bhagavan Das led Kirtans Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings during the five years he lived at Harbin Hot Springs. This is a live recording of one these Kirtans.

Bhagavan Das - Harbin Kirtan - Audio Samples

mp3 icon 1 - Govinda Jaya(19:18) 93 sec
mp3 icon 2 - Sita Ram(10:12) 84 sec
mp3 icon 3 - Durga Ma(27:59) 91 sec
mp3 icon 4 - Om Namah Shivaya(12:24) 97 sec

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